Embrace Your Passion

Re-live the past as we take you back in time on our "Time Tunnel of The Sixties" and those "Sensational Sounds of The Seventies" with the music of the All American Top 40 AM Radio Tour.  


Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)

Listening to the radio and tuning in  Wolfman Jack playing all those classic music tunes that now we are bringing to you live on stage at the All American Top 40 AM Radio Tour.

Don't Miss It!!!


My Personal Inspiration

The man the taught almost everything I know about the music business, Wolfman Jack. His biggest words of wisdom to me, still stick with me today as I truly believe he was right in his telling me, "It is not how much money you can make in this business, but it is the amount that you give back to others that truly makes you rich!!!"  

God bless you my friend you will always be remembered, 

Robert Smith aka Wolfman Jack.

The Music and the Memories of the All American Top 40 AM Radio Tour are dedicated to Wolfman Jack...


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